Editor In Chief

    • Eduardo J. R. Santos

      Associate Professor 

      Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
      University of Coimbra

      Eduardo J. R. Santos is Associate Professor with definitive nomination at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He is also the Scientific Coordinator of the R&D unit Institute of Cognitive Psychology, Human and Social Development of the University of Coimbra/Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Other international academic positions include Adjunct Professor of the State University of New York. Considering his scientific production, it’s possible to count several hundred communications, publications in articles, chapters and books, besides the participation as a member of editorial teams in several indexed publications, with an intense activity in international academic juries, and in the coordination of funded research projects. In addition to these activities, he develops an active participation in projects of scientific dissemination and social innovation, within an interdisciplinary and international paradigm. In what concerns scientific and international prospects, he’s working on a perspective of transcultural globalization of knowledge about the dynamics of personal development, its barriers and projects to overcome human suffering.