Commentary on New Research on Ancient Themes in a New Journal

Shankar Mehta*

Writer, Vancouver, Canada

*Corresponding author: Shankar Mehta, Vancouver, Canada, Tel: +1 6044248189; E-mail:

Citation: Shankar Mehta (2018) Commentary on New Research on Ancient Themes in a New Journal. J Psychiatry Behav Ther 2018: 22-23.

Received Date: 11 September, 2018; Accepted Date: 12 September, 2018; Published Date: 17 September, 2018

Dr. Jaswant S Bhopal Citation (2018) New Research on Ancient Themes is an observational study based on his own approaches of treating his patients suffering from mental issues and further supported by modern researchers from other countries. These have produced positive results.

Dr. Bhopal has in-depth knowledge of ancient Indian philosophies which deal with mental maladies. He reiterates that human sufferings are grounded in:
a) Adhyatmika (Body and Mind)
b) Adhibhautika (Arising from Relationships)
c) Adhidaivika (Arising from Environment)

These issues can be mitigated by practicing holistic yogas which involve Hatha yoga, meditation and proper diet and herbs treatments. By developing healthy life styles, the patients gain a balance in body, mind and spirit and feel partially or wholly recovered depending upon the severity of their illnesses.

Dr. Bhopal is encouraging further research studies in the ancient causes of human sufferings:

Adhyatmika (Body and Mind):

Body issues have outside symptoms, but emotional issues are deep rooted in the thought processes or belief systems of an individual. I think that probably he is also pointing to look at the complex cultural-socio-economic aspects of a society. The political set up of a state or a country can be a contributing factor of mental aberration. If the mind-set of politician is influenced by proper research findings, there are possibilities of improvement or prevention of mental issues in the democratic societies.

Since, medicine professionals have a special status in the legal and political avenues of a country, their recommendations can be influential in the makeup of a healthy-progressive society.

Adhibhautika (Arising from Relationships):

There is a significant divorce rate almost in every country of the world. The breakup of the family unit has serious side-effects, if the children are young. They are pulled and pushed from one parent to another or end up in foster homes. They develop psycho-somatic illnesses which are not easy to treat.

Adhidaivika (Arising from Environment):

Our Earth’s environment has become highly polluted due to over population and industrial wastes.

Our air, water and foods are highly contaminated with plastic and chemical pollutants. The oceans are filled with plastic. The fishes and other sea animals are choking and dying. Natural recycling cannot keep pace with the waste input from human sources.