Journal of Gene Therapy and Research



Journal of Gene Therapy and Research is an international, peer reviewed, open access, scientific and scholarly journal that publishes manuscripts like research, review, mini reviews, case reports and studies, short communications, letters, editorials, etc. from all the fields related to Genetics. We promise researchers, academicians, healthcare professionals to provide a forum to publish their latest research results online.


Aims and Scope

Journal of Gene Therapy and Research is an open access platform for all the researchers, scholars and all the readers where they can document/provide/publish their own research work from the world of Genetics. Our main aim is to publish manuscripts about the current research and advancements in Gene Therapy, Genetic Engineering and all the subjects related to genetics. All the manuscripts submitted to our journal under goes attentive peer review process before publication. It acts as a promoter on behalf of all the researchers, academicians, scientists, etc., to promote their high-quality research work online for all the readers to access the same across the planet.

NorCal Open Access Publications strategy is to provide 24/7 access to the scientific data freely for all our readers across the planet and will guarantee scientific community high data availability in most updated digital formats.

Our Journal publishes manuscripts including but not limited to following topics:

Cancer Genetics Genetically Modified Organisms
Cell Signaling and Gene Regulation Genomic DNA and Transfection
Chromosomal Syndromes Transposons
Cloning human genome project
Diabetes Gene Therapy Gene knockout
DNA Repair RNA interference
DNA Sequencing CRISPR/Cas9 technology
Down Syndrome Gene therapy in Auto immune diseases
Gene Chip Technology Modified Nucleotides
Gene Expression Lipofection
Gene Sequencing Zinc finger nuclease
Gene Splicing Stem Cell Gene Therapy
Gene Targeting Recombinant Gene
Genetic Mutations Resistant Genes
Genetic Syndromes Transporter Gene


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