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Special Issue

Climate Changes in Asia and Africa: Laboratory, Field, Remote-sensing and Modelling studies

Guest Editor

Name: Naruki Hiranuma

Department: Dept. of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences

University: West Texas A&M University

Biography: Dr. Naruki Hiranuma is an atmospheric scientist, holding a research and teaching appointment at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU). He currently heads the WTAMU’s Atmospheric and Aerosol Measurement Laboratory where he leads the research on dusts, biological aerosols and aerosol-cloud-climate interactions. Before joining WTAMU, he was at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany to work on the German government-funded INUIT (Ice Nuclei research UnIT) project, and he led the collaborative multi-institutional laboratory work with a total of 14 institutions, including 7 from Germany, 4 from the US, 1 from the UK, 1 from Switzerland and 1 from Japan. Dr. Hiranuma has considerable experience in the composition of scientific literature and grant proposals. He has published 10 first author peer-reviewed papers and done 36 oral and 23 poster presentations at international scientific meetings. He also serves as a journal and proposal reviewer on a regular basis.

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