Editor In Chief

    • Nicoletta Santangelo

      Prof. Nicoletta Santangelo, is an associate Professor of Physical Geography and Geomorphology at the Department of Earth Sciences, Environment and Resources, University of Naples “Federico II”

      He holds a PhD (1991) in Sedimentary geology at the University of Napoli “ Federico II” (thesis on: Geomorphologic and tectonic evolution of lacustrine basin of Southern Apennines) and Master degree (cum laude) (1986) in Geological Sciences at the Univers

      Prof. Santangelo has been reviewer for national and international journals such as Il Quaternario, Quaternary International, Tectonophysics, Global and Planetary change, Geomorphology, Journal of Hydrology, Environmental Earth Sciences, Bullettin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Journal of Mountain Science, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Water (for last year please check at publons.com/a/1233450/).

      The publications include more than 90 papers, published on scientific journals such as Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, Global and Planetary Change, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Resaerch, Quaternary International, Acta carsologica, Natural Hazard and Earth System Science, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Terra Nova, Geoheritage, Natural Hazard, Journal of maps, Geologica Carphatica. Her research interests are Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Geomorphological Mapping, Fluvial geomorphology, Coastal Geomorphology, Natural Hazards, Alluvial Fan, Flash Flood, Tectonic Geomorphology, Karst, Geotourism, etc.