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Journal of Cellular Toxicology and Cell Biology is an international, peer reviewed, open access, scientific and scholarly journal that publishes manuscripts like research, review, mini reviews, case reports and studies, short communications, letters, editorials, etc. which covers all the subjects related to Cell. We promise researchers, academicians, surgeons, healthcare professionals to provide a forum to publish their latest research results online.


Aims and Scope

Journal of Cellular Toxicology and Cell Biology is an online platform for all the researchers, clinicians, academicians, etc., providing double peer reviewed information, research work, case studies from the fields of cell structure, cell functionality, cell division, cell pathology, cell toxicity, etc. Manuscripts received under goes attentive peer review process before publication. Our journal strongly supports the developments in the scientific community, and enhances access to high quality research work available online in our journal home page.

NorCal Open Access Publications strategy is to provide 24/7 access to the scientific data freely for all our readers across the planet and will guarantee scientific community high data availability in most updated digital formats.

Our Journal publishes manuscripts including but not limited to following topics:

Active and Passive Transport cell-based bioassays
Anatomical Pathology Cells Evolution
Apoptosis Cellular Architecture
Applications in Cell and Tissue Biology Cellular Dynamics
Autophagosomes Cellular Immunology
Cell Adhesions and Communication Cellular Metabolism
Cell Aging and Related Diseases Cellular Pathology
Cell Biophysics Cellular Respiration
Cell Cloning Chloroplasts
Cell Developmental Biology Cytogenetic
Cell Motility and Differentiation Cytopathology
Cell Organelles and Components Cytoskeleton
Cell Physiology Cytotoxicity
Cell Polarity Diagnostic Cytology
Cell Proliferation Ecotoxicology
Cell Regeneration Functions and Morphology of Cell
Cell Signalling Growth and Division of Cell
Cell Synthesis Molecular imaging
Cell Therapy Nanofibres 
Cell Tissue Culture Toxicogenomics


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