Current Advances in Oncology Research and Therapy



Current Advances in Oncology Research and Therapy is an international, peer reviewed, open access, scientific journal that publishes manuscripts like research, review, case reports, short communications, editorials, etc. from all the aspects of oncology research and treatment strategies. The journal promises researchers, academicians, healthcare professionals to provide a forum to publish their research online with global open access.

Aims and Scope

Current Advances in Oncology Research and Therapy journal aims to publish manuscripts in all the aspects of oncology research, breast cancer, paediatric oncology, neuro-oncology as well as prostate cancer and their treatments. All the manuscripts received under goes attentive peer review process before publication.

Current Advances in Oncology Research and Therapy journal strongly supports the developments in the scientific community, and enhances access to high quality research work available online in our journal. The journal mainly aims audience like clinicians, academicians, researchers across the planet to disseminate their high-quality research work and perspectives in the fields of oncology research and therapy. It acts as a forum for all the authors to define their attempts in decreasing oncology causes and finding a solution for eradicating it through an open access platform.

Our Journal publishes manuscripts including but not limited to following topics:

Womens Health Epithelial ovarian cancer
Apoptosis Differentially Expressed Genes
Bladder Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer
Blood Cancer Genitourinary Cancer
Bone Cancer Geriatric Oncology
Breast Cancer Gynecological Oncology
Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Lung Cancer
Estrogen Receptor metastasis
Cancer Biomarkers Oncogenes
Cancer Cell Assay Techniques Oncology Clinical Trials
Cancer Pharmacodynamics Ovarian Cancer
Cancer Epidemiology Pancreatic Cancer
Cancer Nanotechnology Pediatric Oncology
Cervical Cancer Prostate Cancer
Chemotherapeutic Agents Psyco Oncology
Cancer Pharmacodynamics Thyroid Cancer
Chemotherapy Tumor Biology
Carcinoembryonic Antigen Uterine Cancer
Chemoresistance UV-Carcinogenesis
Prognostic prediction Viral Oncology


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