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Holistic Movement Helps Neurological Disorders

Julie Rammal*

Founder & Owner JSPORT, Holistic Trainer & Practitioner, USA.  

*Corresponding author: Julie Rammal, Louis Pasteur Medical Suites, 380 Francis Baard Street, South Africa, Tel: +1 949 209 9643, +961.70.71.2927; E-mail:

Citation: Rammal J (2019) Holistic Movement Helps Neurological Disorders. Curr Adv Neurol Neurol Disord 2019: 1-2.

Received Date: 04 October, 2019; Accepted Date: 12 October, 2019; Published Date:  16 October, 2019

In this century and time, the rise of neurological disorders is on the rise and will continue to increase due to change in our environment, technology, and pollution. In 2006 The World Health Organization declared that around 1 billion people suffer from neurological disorders. However; despite this increasing number, the solution may be at our fingertips with the holistic movement.

Our nervous system is extremely sophisticated and complicated. It helps us interact with the outside world by controlling our senses, voluntary and involuntary movements, and gives us the ability to be conscious and have memories, reasoning, thoughts and language. Our nervous system is what enables us to interact and survive in the real world.

A neurological disorder can have several major symptoms such as: major muscle weakness, paralysis, changes in levels of consciousness, confusion, pain, lack of coordination and more. The root causes of this disorder can come from genetics, congenital disorders, mental illnesses, brain or spinal injury, autoimmune disorders, poor lifestyle and environmental conditions. The holistic movement and methodology may be the revolutionary answer to assisting those with neurological disorders.

Before we discuss the power of the holistic movement, it is important to understand how to care for our nervous system. Our nervous system is extremely delicate, and from our ancestors it was designed and adapted to live in nature without constant beeping sounds, siri, technology, tv, ac, cars etc. Today, our nervous system is bombarded with everything that disturbs it that it seems our only way out is to escape to a retreat or have a weekend getaway in the nature. However; due to the sensitivity of our nervous system this is not enough to balance, heal, and care for it. If you have seen a child age 3-5 who has tantrums, it usually is a result of emotions that they do not know how to deal with. In a neurological disorder, similarly your nervous system is screaming out help me, understand me, listen to me, but we are not listening to it. We are forcing ourselves to adapt to a modern era of noise, technology, sound and communication that we are not ready for. Our bodies are simply talking back to us, and our only true care system for this epidemic is to understand ourselves, and all of our internal systems, while create a safety zone that does not allow anything to attack our nervous system when possible.

The easiest ways to start to heal neurological problems is to rest. When we rest, we begin to let our body reset itself back to its original point of being. It is important to eat a balanced organic diet, avoid toxins, heal all mental problems (anxiety, depression etc…) as soon as possible, and exercise holistically. The holistic methodology can be further discovered on Indulge yourself in nature walks, hikes, meditation, and natural activities that focus on re-connecting you back to nature. Avoid noise, live in a quiet calm zone away from electromagnetic fields. It is important to understand, our health depends dramatically on our connection to ourselves, our environment and how we live within both.  Our nervous system always reacts to what the body is experiencing internally and externally. It uses electrical and chemicals to transmute and receive messages to the brain, spinal cord and other sensory organs.

The holistic movement helps empower the body by regulation the basic senses, and building an awareness around your breath, correct movement patterns, thought patterns, beliefs, detoxifying your digestion system and re-balancing your body, mind and spirit in order to achieve; health, happiness, and youthfulness.